Connecting China and the World

Trustable Hong Kong Dedicated Server Service Provider

Connecting China and the World

Trustable Hong Kong Dedicated Server Service Provider

Origin of Automation

Back from 2012, SunnyVision has introduced automated deployment, with years of development, we have made a difference for the hosting and data center industry via redefining the services of bare metal hosting by fully automated platform.

Automated Deployment

Our initiative to develop automation platform originates from our clients, the objective is to make dedicated server as simplified as possible, from ordering to delivery in minutes, no human interaction required.

Operating System Deployment

OS Templates

Over 50 OS templates available for provision, including but not limit to Windows Server, CentOS, ESXi, XenServer, Ubuntu and Debian and so on.

Own Templates

Client is able to deploy their own operating system, you can load the OS via IPMI and install over the internet.

Console Access

SunnyVision Bare Metal servers equipped with IPMI direct access, you can access the server via IPMI console to BOIS hardware level and install any OS and customize ISO easily.

Customized Automated Templates

Some VIP customers require customized templates and would like to have a OS templates dedicated designed and arranged for your own use, we are able to include it into our platform for their servers group.

Client Portal

We know technology, we are ahead of the cutting edge of data center and bare metal, however, we understand customer services even more. Client is paid to fully utilize the services but not to handle the technical support, so we provide a user-friendly client portal and even further we offer API to integrate into their in-house website. All these come to make dedicated simplified ever.

General Information

Server Status, IP, Login, Server Settings

Manage Server

Reboot, Power On/Off, Re-Provision


Add-on or upgrade your server instantly


Review the invoice and usage report

Online Payment

Accept different payment gateway - PayPal, Credit Card, WeChat, AliPay etc.

Alert Message

Manage alert message settings including billing, server reboot , provision etc.

Ticket System

24/7/365 online ticket system to provide round-the-clock support.

SunnyVision - A Leading Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) Provider

99.9% UPTIME
Multi-10G BGP Network With Global Deployment, Dedicated China Bandwidth, Dell and Supermicro Bare-Metal

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